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Acro yoga and movement workshop with focus on basic movement patterns, breath and self-exploration.
Students will experience strengthening technics for first acro poses, learn how to work with their bodies according to balance and movement eficciency safely.
After that we will jump on first flying, starting with therapeutic one, which is based on Thai massage.
After that we continue to acrobatic flying and first positions as bird, throne, chair, whale and transitions between them.
Part of the workshop will be also movement games which help with motoric and perception skills and support brain-muscles connection.
At the end of every session we will relax ourselves through meditation or yin yoga.
Work will be done in pairs as well as individually.
We would also like to offer our guiding services around Bali and surrounding islands.


10-16th January 2019
Schedule: Daily from 8 to 11 and from 16 to 19.


It is suitable for everybody. One does not need to be super strong to do basic positions. If you can stand on your own feet, you can hold someone else of similar weight. Also, it is about technique. The schedule is set to be balanced and manageable by complete beginners.

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Jan Charamza
Jan CharamzaPersonal trainer and sport enthusiast
Made in Prague, citizen of Planet Earth. Czech guy, personal trainer, coach of kettlebell gym in Prague, coach of Amazing12, acroyoga student and teacher, masseur, founder of project, a casual climber and tour guide in sport theme trips around Europe.

His story
Jan started with sports when he was 5 years old. Judo was his first contact with physical education and gave him both, condition and proper habits along with mental resistance when it comes to pain in the training or fight itself.
At the age of 15, Jan incorporated gym in his life and started lifting weights. He naturally included the practices using bodyweight skills that he had learnt from Judo training, into his weightlifting practice. Soon he became a personal trainer in the gym as he loves to pass on his knowledge and to work with people. During the time, he got trained in many courses related to his work and kept learning to maintain high standard of his services.

Today, his main focus is body movement, trips with sporty themes around Europe, and coaching in kettlebell gym, while doing the best he could possibly be as a partner, coach, leader in his own projects, friend, as well as a mindful and conscious person.
He dedicates his time to learning, teaching, traveling and of course – to have fun 🙂

Reasons I am truly happy we decided to hold this workshop on Bali is that I spent more than one year on the island and it changed my life significantly. Even though I used to be more skeptical about energies and let’s say higher power, I learned that everything happening in my life got its purpose and the place supported me in facing my demons buried deep deep inside me and became stronger and more self-confident person.
I believe that Bali is indeed magical and everyone has the opportunity to feel it. Apart of this, the place is just beautiful and offer much more than just surfing and yoga. Every 10 km you are in different world with specific atmosphere.

Pu Ling Lai
Pu Ling LaiAshtanga yoga teacher
Raw vegan mom of a 4 year old home-born world-schooled Czecho-Chinese girl
International workshop leader on eco-psychology, holistic sexuality, gentle birth, and women empowerment
Advanced open water diver
Master in Holistic Science in Schumacher College, UK

Her story
Ling started yoga when she was 16, which literally saved her life from a poor weak teenage girl to a healthy one.
Then, at the age of 28, yoga again helped her rebirth herself and boost her health, which helps her continue traveling, working and living globally as a single mom.
She teaches all over the world and lives between Asia (mainly China/Bali) and Europe (mainly Prague).
She works with individuals and companies, both online and offline.
She’s also a published writer of ‘Lumi–towards an ecology of love’.
Due to her revolutionary lifepath as a Chinese, she was featured in several media, such as Yoga Magazine, German Bavarian Radio, Vegetarian Planet and many other domestic and foreign media which have published her articles or feature stories.

Highlights of activities in Bali:

You can choose from—(
Snorcheling/scuba diving/freediving/surfing and all water-related sports
Chocolate factories